Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{ Catching Up... }

Wow....I went way too long without putting up a blog post.  No excuses, just life getting in my way, I guess!  

So, what's been happening? As I have mentioned here on the blog before, I have been out of work since March and it has been hard financially.  This year has also included many household appliances (washer, dryer, dishwasher) as well as my house air conditioning going kaput!  ...and no money to repair or buy new.  It was hard, but perhaps the worst thing was not having a washer or dryer, especially with lots of cats and two young puppies. 

A dear friend, who wants to remain anonymous, gave me money to buy a new washer and dryer, plus more that helped to pay a mortgage payment.  I was stunned, overwhelmed, and more than grateful.  So two weeks ago, my new washer and dryer arrived and I have been a crazy washing lady and loving every minute of it.  Seriously, I think I have washed anything that wasn't nailed down!
A funny note to this happy day:  my puppies have never lived in this house with a working washer and dryer so were unprepared for the big white monsters that invaded our house.  It took about a day of barking and growling for them to realize that these monsters are here to stay and that mommy wasn't afraid of them! So cute! 

Thanksgiving was a joyous day for me, gathering at sisters house and spending the day with family!  It was great!

My sister, Jill, and her kids, Courtney, Mallory, and Spencer
My nieces, Mallory and Courtney
My sister, Amy and her kids Mackenzie and Dylan. (Amy and Jill are twins!)
My amazing 95-year old grandmother, Maydell
My brother, Travis, my beautiful mom, Sandra and step-dad John!
My brother, Travis and Mom
My beautiful, mom - look at those cheekbones!  What a beauty!
Gorgeous niece, Mallory
My  15-year old niece, Courtney - the budding family photographer!
The day before Thanksgiving, my aunt bought me a Trader Joe's tofurkey and so I brought it for myself and my vegetarian step-dad.  It was DELISH and I loved it and the leftovers!!  

This was kind of a mindless post, but I wanted to catch up and get back in the swing of regularly updating my blog.  The last few weeks have been filled with job searching, stressing about money and paying the mortgage, and a ton of other things.  What I need to remember is that today is a new day.  I am blessed every day to wake up and start fresh.  So each day I will do the best I can and work towards my future.  The universe has and will provide.

Until next time friends, 


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