Friday, October 5, 2012

{ It's Small, But I'll Take It }

So, I had my weekly weigh-in last night and only one pound was lost.  I was a bit discouraged, but then reminded myself that it is a loss and ANY weight gone is a good thing.  Even if I only lost a pound a week for the next two years, that is still more than 100 pounds!  I'll take it.
Eye opening, isn't it?
As I am sure I have mentioned before here on the blog, I have lost and gained thousands of pounds over the last 25 years.  That is not an exaggeration. And I have always gained it back.

I am 47 now and MUST get a handle on my weight.  I was watching Dr. Oz recently and he was talking about yo-yo dieting and and the many dangers for your body.  It was as if he was talking directly to me.  Then my beloved Dr. Oz pulled out the purple gloves to show us (me) the dangers of yo-yo dieting on a human heart.  You can see the video HERE.  Oh. My. God.  We saw a healthy vibrant heart, a healthy muscle and then we saw a heart of a yo-yo dieter and it was absolutely frightening.  The good news is WE CAN CHANGE this destruction.  Losing the weight and keeping it off and having a healthy blood pressure, pulse, etc. is critical.  Honestly, this episode was such an eye opener.  According to Dr. Oz, one study found that women who were weight cyclers (yo-yo dieters) – especially if it occurred five or more times during their life ( many times I have lost count)   had a great risk of heart disease beginning shortly after menopause (and I am currently perimenopausal).

So, I will take that one pound loss this week and hope that it will be more next week.  But as long as it is a loss and I am losing consistently, I am happy and my heart will thank me and keep on ticking.

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  1. I think I am setting the Worlds Record for slowest weight loss ever! But hey! I am losing! Keep it up! We are only making ourselves healthier!