Thursday, August 30, 2012

{ Childless by Choice }

Let me preface this post by saying that I am so happy for all those moms out there!  I am thrilled that you are happy, that you love the families you have created and that this was what you wanted for your life.  Please be happy for me as well that I CHOSE not to have children (human children anyway).  I have no regrets.
And I'm not alone. One in seven non-parents of childbearing age is childless by choice, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

Do I think I would have been a good parent?  Of course - I would have been a wonderful mother.  Do I have a maternal instinct?  I think I do.

Many women hear I am childless and have literally said to me "I'm so sorry you never had kids."  Sorry?    Please don't be sorry for me.  This is the choice I made for my life.  While I have many problems in my life right now, being childless is not one of them.

I have love.  Love for my nieces and nephews.  I really enjoy being an aunt. These 5 kids are amazing and I have been an active part of their growing up and couldn't be more grateful.  Mackenzie, Spencer, Dylan, Courtney, and Mallory are very special to me.
And then there are these gentle souls (only a few pictured below).  I have two amazing puppies and multiple cats (if that makes me the crazy cat lady, it's a title I am happy with!).  Plus the many other beloved little furry souls that have passed through my life who are no longer with me.  I couldn't love them more if they WERE human children. Many moms will - and have - argued with me about this but my philosophy is - LOVE IS LOVE. They are not substitutes.  I love them unconditionally and they reciprocate 150%. Their love for me makes my soul sing and each one holds a unique place in my heart.  Caring for and loving my animals is motherhood for me. And for me, my life is not incomplete without human children but it would be devastating without a four-legged furry kid (or 10) surrounding me.

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