Sunday, September 23, 2012

{ Dear Body...}

Dear Body, 

Although we have had a volatile relationship for many years, I am finally learning to appreciate all that you do - all that you have done - for me.  I have judged you and I have abused you terribly.  You could have given up on me but instead here we are and despite everything you keep me going.

I have packed the pounds on you, I have not given you any exercise, and I have verbally berated you.  Yet you keep me moving - you keep carrying me forward.

The result of my actions against you have caused pain - premature osteoarthritis in both knees and feet - and while I have felt sorry for myself, you have kept me walking.  I know the extra weight I have forced you to carry for so many years was hurting you terribly but you accepted the challenge.

Dear body of mine, I hear you now asking me to make a change.  I hear you and I am ready. 
Stick with me, dear body, and I promise I will nourish you with good foods, hydrate you well with water, exercise you as best I can, and perhaps most importantly, love you, nurture you and HONOR YOU in both actions and words.  
I promise that I will no longer compare you to any other bodies because you are unique, you are precious, you are mine and I love you.

Until next time, friends, 



  1. This is so great, I need to do this

  2. Thanks, Sarah. It's a process but so worth it! :) Thanks for commenting.